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NEA Works4Me Tips

  • Active Listening to Prevent Conflict

    This art teacher keeps classroom conflicts from escalating out of control through active listening and other classroom management strategies. Learn how she avoids defensive behavior and remains calm and in control.

  • Interview Skills

    This fun, skill-intensive project focuses on interviewing and presentation skills, and will help students stay engaged and focused as spring fever starts to kick in. Everyone gets involved – no slackers allowed!

  • Absent Bags

    Ms. Penna gives her secondary students a “gift” when they return to school after an absence. Read how these presents keep her students from missing assignments.

  • Create an Auto-Booklet

    Fight Spring Fever and re-engage your students with a bookmaking project centered on their favorite subject: themselves! Kate shares ways you can harness their energy productively and refine their language arts skills at the same time.


  • Strong Support Systems, Collaboration Key to Retaining Quality Teachers in High-Poverty Schools

    By Edward Graham According to new research, minority and low-income students are more likely than their White and more affluent counterparts to be taught by ineffective, underqualified, and newer teachers . While the problem is not new—research and data from the Department of Education and other organizations has identified and tracked the trend for some [...]

  • Linda Darling-Hammond: New Visions for Assessment and Accountability Key to Common Core Implementation

    The American Prospect recently interviewed Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University to discuss the role of standardized testing in the adoption of Common Core and what the tests miss in evaluating student performance. “In California, where the Common Core is being implemented without any high-stakes tests, there’s much less anxiety and debate about the value of the [...]

  • College Board Provides A Glimpse Of New SAT

    Anxious students — not to mention their parents — can get a heads-up for how the redesigned SAT might look in two years. Sample questions for the new version of the college-entrance test were released on Wednesday by the College Board, which announced last month that the new test will include real-world applications and require [...]

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