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NEA Works4Me Tips

  • Film Clips Reinforce Learning and Note-Taking

    Ms. Cashell uses short film clips to reinforce specific subjects and topics of study, and to help students practice note-taking skills with three writing prompts.
  • Movie Day

    This Works4Me reader motivates students with the promise of a movie day, but it’s how she handles parental consent that may inspire you the most.
  • Book vs. Movie vs. Mind

    A filmmaker’s vision of a book is almost always different than our own. In this activity, Ms. Reiling’s students read a book then compare the movie version with how they imagined it.
  • Concentration Vocabulary Review

    For this version of the classic Concentration game, all you need is an on old shoe bag, the kind with multiple pockets that you might hang from a door or coat rack. Well…. that and a room full of students ready for a fun learning game.



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