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  • Directionally Challenged Students

    Ms. Beck discovered a great way to help directionally challenged students learn the four main directions and improve their map reading skills.
  • Digital Charts

    Do some of your students need more time to copy charts from the board? Ms. Sergi has a picture perfect solution to this cumbersome chart copying dilemma.
  • Differentiated Spelling Program

    Ms. Solano suggests a contract negotiation with students to set an individualized spelling program that can be used to script quizzes, tests and homework assignments.
  • Daily Web Visits

    Ms. Harper uses a collection of kid-friendly Web sites and some unique types of classroom helpers to start the day.


  • Students Speak Out on Staying Motivated and Engaged in Learning

    By Nicholas Sella Everyone has an opinion when it comes to education, from politicians to reformers and pundits, but we don’t often hear from those with the most important voice—the students. How have teachers impacted their lives? What do they like about their schools? What’s the best way they learn? All of these questions and [...]
  • Are Cell Phone Bans Worth the Trouble?

    While many districts see personal mobile devices purely as distractions, many educators are embracing their potential as learning tools. According to a 2013 Project Tomorrow survey, 32 percent of districts had policies prohibiting the use of personal mobile devices by students. That same survey, though, showed that attitudes were shifting. In 2010, 25 percent of principals said [...]
  • The U.S. Dropout Rate is Falling Fast, But Hold the Champagne

    By Tim Walker On the heels of the good news about the U.S. graduation rate comes word from the U.S. Census Bureau that the high school dropout rate has fallen to a record low. In 2013, just 7 percent of 18-24 year olds dropped out of school, down considerably from 12 percent in 2000.  Although the [...]

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