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NEA Works4Me Tips

  • Distributing Classroom Responsibilities

    Ms. Kauffman has a good routine for distributing classroom responsibilities fairly. You’ll never hear, “When is it my turn?” again.
  • Dispensing White Board Cleaner

    Spray cleaners can aggravate sensitive, allergic noses. This quick, easy tip will help you keep a clean whiteboard without distributing even the most delicate sensibilities.
  • Book Choice Increases Reading Stamina

    Ms. Cluff has a strategy for enticing students to read more books and to read them for longer periods of time. All it takes are a few examples from your favorite book — and theirs! — plus a few exciting excerpts and tantalizing teasers.
  • Directionally Challenged Students

    Ms. Beck discovered a great way to help directionally challenged students learn the four main directions and improve their map reading skills.


  • Teachers: Finding Appreciation at Work

    So many of those working in our schools don’t feel appreciated — and one luncheon or certificate per year just doesn’t cut it. The daily demands are so intense and taxing that we all need more acknowledgement of our hard work in order to manage some of the stress we’re under: The acknowledgements help us [...]
  • A Simple Way to Help Poor Kids Succeed

    Here’s a deceptively simple way to close part of the achievement gap between poor and wealthy students: make sure that poor students are in school as much as their richer peers. A recent study found that absentee rates could explain up to 25 percent of difference in math scores between low-income students and less disadvantaged ones. [...]
  • U.S. Education Department Gets Stricter with For-Profit Colleges

    The U.S. Department of Education will introduce new regulations next year in its latest attempt to improve the job prospects of those graduating from for-profit colleges and universities. Under the regulations unveiled on Thursday and effective July 1, for-profit colleges will be at risk of losing federal aid should a typical graduate’s annual loan repayments [...]

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