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  • Chalkboard Cleaner Revisited

    Ms. DeWitt likes a clean chalkboard as much as the next person… well, maybe more than the next person. Discover everything you need to know about cleaning your chalkboard — especially what common household cleaning product you should avoid.

  • Bury “Can’t Lists” in Class Funeral

    This fourth-grade teacher developed an inspirational outdoor activity for the first day of school in which students literally and metaphorically bury their self-doubt and plant the seeds of a positive attitude.

  • Can Do Challenge

    Reverse your students’ “Can’t Do” attitude with the Can Do Challenge. This fun icebreaker helps establish a positive, aspirational tone for the rest of the year.

  • Brighter Lesson Plans

    Ms. Mosey enlivens her otherwise dull lesson plan books with vibrant splashes of color and whimsy. It’s easy to do, and come February when the days are shorter and darker, you’ll appreciate it more.


  • Educators Defeat Attempt to Strip Teacher Licenses Over Test Scores

    By Luke Towler School districts continue to make high-stakes decisions about teacher performance based on how well students perform on state mandated tests, despite mounting opposition across the nation. Yet no state has tied renewal of teaching licenses to test scores – but Tennessee recently came close. Last year, Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman began [...]

  • NRA Video: Kids Should Be Proficient With Guns to Move Up in School

    In a video titled “Everyone Gets a Gun,” posted this week by the National Rifle Association, commentator Billy Johnson said firearm proficiency should be a requirement in schools, just like reading and writing. “Just like we teach them reading and writing, necessary skills. We would teach shooting and firearm competency,” he explained. “It wouldn’t matter [...]

  • Unions Put Teachers on Streets — For Votes

    Teachers unions are struggling to protect their political clout, but as the midterm elections approach, they’re fighting back with their most popular asset: the teachers themselves. The unions are sending armies of educators to run a huge get-out-the-vote effort aimed at reversing the red tide that swept Republicans into power across the country in 2010. [...]

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