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NEA Works4Me Tips

  • Label that Table

    The flip side of privilege is responsibility, an idea that Ms. Paschke reinforces in her classroom with a method of grouping students together and rotating their access to classroom “extras.”
  • Building Positive Behavior Traits

    Bring out your inner Y.M.C.A dance, and wear a hard hat to school. It’ll come in handy with this activity in which students learn to build foundations of good behavior and positive character. Make it fun to learn in your C.L.A.S.S.
  • Conduct Cards

    Sue never has to explain a child’s conduct grade to a parent. Her unique system for tracking students’ behavior with “conduct cards” holds them accountable and keeps their parents well-informed.
  • Colored Cups Reduce Noise

    Educators at Ms. Hebbe’s school have a method for keeping lunch room noise levels under control without saying a word.


  • A Call for New Charter School Standards

    A new report just released by the Annenberg Institute at Brown University calls for increased accountability, transparency and equity in the taxpayer-funded charter school sector. The Institute is proposing standards to be implemented into state and charter authorizer policies that would better serve all students and protect the public’s investment in public education. Approximately 2.57 [...]
  • NEA’s Back to School Tour Highlights Opportunity Gap in Public Education

    By Amy Jordan If you ask the students at Pyne Poynt Middle School in Camden, New Jersey what they would like to have at their school, the answers are simple. “An art teacher.” “Clubs to participate in.” “Some color on our walls.” That’s what NEA President Lily Ekselsen García found out during the New Jersey [...]
  • Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters

    While schools and teachers have a tremendous influence over student learning, there is nothing the teachers can do to make it happen. It is completely out of the control of teachers to make students learn; the students have to do it by themselves, according to author and educator Ben Johnson. “So where should a school invest [...]

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