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NEA Works4Me Tips

  • Fabric Borders

    Ms. Flammang shares a tip for making inexpensive bulletin board shapes, die cuts and borders last longer.
  • Families and Long Division

    This mnemonic will help young students learn and remember long division steps. It’s easy to refer to during a directed lesson and brings a little humor to the classroom.
  • Favorite Book Challenge

    Both teachers and students struggled with sustained silent reading at this middle school. Ms. Snow tackled the problem by challenging for her students with specific reading goals. Then she answered the reading challenge they gave her!
  • Easy Chocolate Gift

    Ms. Junkin, a food and nutrition teacher, has an idea for holiday a gift. Without making promises about calories, we can say that it is fast (only 5 minutes of baking), easy (only a few ingredients) and delicious (trust us).



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