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The NEA 1997 Almanac of Higher Education


Foreword (, 13 KB, 2pp)
by Christine Maitland

Overview (, 19 KB, 2pp)
by Harold S. Wechsler

Faculty Salaries, 1995-96 (, 94 KB, 18pp)
by John B. Lee

Faculty Workload and Productivity: Ethnic and Gender Disparities (, 108 KB, 18pp)
by Henry L. Allen

The Relative Value of Teaching and Research (, 107 KB, 20pp)
by James S. Fairweather

Re(con)figure the Professional Workforce (, 60 KB, 11pp)
by Gary Rhoades and Rachel Hendrickson

State Fiscal and Policy Climate for Higher Education: 1996 (, 333 KB, 30pp)
by William Zumeta and John Fawcett-Long

Faculty Retirement and Benefits (, 83 KB, 16pp)
by Jay L. Chronister

Administrative Staff: Salaries and Issues (, 120 KB, 22pp)
by David C. Montgomery and Gwendolyn L. Lewis

1994-95 Faculty Salary Report (, 15 KB, 2pp)
Part 1 (, 96 KB, 22pp)
Part 2 (, 97 KB, 22pp)
Part 3 (, 92 KB, 20pp)
Part 4 (, 69 KB, 16pp)

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