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The NEA 2000 Almanac of Higher Education


Overview (, 25 KB, 3pp)
by Harold S. Wechsler

Faculty Salaries, 1998-99 (, 145 KB, 17pp)
by Suzanne B. Cleary and John B. Lee

Innovative Approaches to Bargaining (, 113 KB, 16pp)
by Gary Rhoades and Christine Maitland

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units

Union Organizing and The Law: Part -Time Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants (, 130 KB, 14pp)
by Gregory M. Saltzman

Accountability: Challenges for Higher Education (, 279 KB, 16pp)
by William Zumeta

Benefits and Retirement: Challenges for the New Century (, 154 KB, 18pp)
by Jay L. Chronister

Higher Education Finance Variables: An Analysis (, 100 KB, 10pp)
by Deagelia Pena

Higher Education Staff: Bearing the Brunt of Cost Containment (, 149 KB, 18pp)
by Linda K. Johnsrud

1998-99 Faculty Salary Report (, 22 KB, 2pp)
Part 1 (, 196 KB, 18pp)
Part 2 (, 202 KB, 18pp)
Part 3 (, 220 KB, 20pp)
Part 4 (, 223 KB, 22pp)

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