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The NEA 2004 Almanac of Higher Education


Overview (, 46 KB, 2pp)
by Harold S. Wechsler

Faculty Salaries: 2002-2003 (, 148 KB, 19pp)
by Suzanne B. Clery and Barry L. Christopher

Employment at the Margins: Nonstandard Work in Higher Education (, 116 KB, 12pp)
by Henry Lee Allen

The Relative Value of Teaching and Research—Revisited (, 158 KB, 22pp)
by James S. Fairweather

Higher Education Funding: Stagnation Continues; Financial Restructuring Underway (, 343 KB, 14pp)
by William Zumeta

Bargaining Workload and Workforce on the High Tech Campus (, 76 KB, 7pp)
by Gary Rhoades and Christine Maitland

Effective Shared Governance: Academic Governance as a Win-Win Proposition (, 81 KB, 8pp)
by Michael Miller and Michael Katz

Faculty Benefits and Retirement: Politics Trumps Collective Bargaining (, 132 KB, 14pp)
by William Dale Crist

Higher Education Support Professionals: Demographic and Worklife Issues (, 161 KB, 22pp)
by Linda K. Johnsrud

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 60 KB, 10pp)

2002-2003 Faculty Salary Report (, 380 KB, 82pp)

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