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The NEA 2009 Almanac of Higher Education


Overview (, 92 KB, 2pp)
by Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2007-2008 (, 235 KB, 22pp)
by Suzanne B. Clery and Barry L. Christopher

State Support of Higher Education: The Roller Coaster Plunges Downward Yet Again (, 429 KB, 16pp)
by William Zumeta

Retirement and Benefits: Protecting Ourselves (, 218 KB, 10pp)
by Valerie Martin Conley

Faculty Workload and Productivity: The Next Generation's Plight—and Opportunity (, 142 KB, 10pp)
by Henry Lee Allen

The Googlization of Universities (, 133 KB, 10pp)
by Siva Vaidhyanathan

Unions and Senates: Governance and Distance Education (, 184 KB, 10pp)
by Christine Maitland, Gary Rhoades, and Mark F. Smith

Investing in Staff for Student Retention (, 132 KB, 8pp)
by Patricia L. Farrell

Support Professionals: The Key Issues Survey (, 90 KB, 6pp)
by Vicki J. Rosser

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 742 KB, 16pp)

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