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The NEA 2008 Almanac of Higher Education


Overview ( , 71 KB, 2pp) 
by Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2006-2007 (, 203 KB, 22pp)
by Suzanne B. Clery and Barry L. Christopher

Liberal Education Takes a New Turn (, 181 KB, 12pp)
by Carol Geary Schneider

Workload and Productivity: Strategic Views of Unionized Ethnic-Minority Faculty (, 148 KB, 10pp)
by Henry Lee Allen

Dismissals, Layoffs, and Tenure Denials in Colleges and Universities (, 199 KB, 16pp)
by Gregory M. Saltzman

Bargaining for Full-Time, Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Best Practices (, 115 KB, 7pp)
by Gary Rhoades and Christine Maitland

Addendum Table 1. Summary of Provisions: Four-Year Institutions (, 112 KB, 7pp)

Addendum Table 2. Summary of Provisions: Two-Year Institutions (, 82 KB, 4pp)

Higher Education Funding: On the Way Up, But for How Long? (, 202 KB, 16pp)
by William Zumeta

Retirement and Benefi ts: Shifting Responsibilities (, 150 KB, 12pp)
by Valerie Martin Conley

ESP Benefits and Job Satisfaction: An Update (, 158 KB, 18pp)
by Vicki J. Rosser

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 130 KB, 14pp)

The NEA 2006-2007 Faculty Salary Report (, 608 KB, 78pp)

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