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The NEA 2012 Almanac of Higher Education

Table of Contents


Overview (, 76 KB, 2 pp)
by Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2010-2011 (, 672 KB, 76 pp)
by Suzanne B. Clery

States and Higher Education: On Their Own in a Stagnant Economy (, 535 KB, 12 pp)
by William Zumeta

An Anti-Union Tide: The 201 Attacks on Public-Employees' Bargaining Rights (, 394 KB, 12 pp)
by Gregory M. Saltzman

Bargaining Retrenchment (, 384 KB, 12 pp)
by Kristine Anderson Dougherty, Gary Rhoades, and Mark F. Smith

American Faculty and Their Institutions: A Multinational Comparison (, 407 KB, 16 pp)
by Martin Finkelstein

Faculty Workload and Productivity in Israel: Lessons for Uncertain Times (, 529 KB, 18 pp)
by Henry Lee Allen

Eroding Retirement and Benefits: The Wrong Response to Fiscal Crises (, 637 KB, 16 pp)
by Valerie Martin Conley

"How Did You Hear That You Might Lose Your Job?" (, 299 KB, 4 pp)
by Vicki J. Rosser

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 927 KB, 20 pp)

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