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Important Information Regarding Vice President Joe Biden’s Visit

Due to security checks at the convention center: caucuses need to end at 7:30 am if possible.

First buses will be ready to depart from caucus hotels at 7:30 am, the last bus will leave at 9:30 am.

Hall access will be restricted while the Vice President is present. All of Hall B will be inside of the secure area. Delegates will have access to the Delegate Cafe and the restrooms. Access to the hall will be denied to people who may arrive late, which would be after 10:00 am. Security will be ready for foot traffic at 7:00 am.

Physically challenged delegates will arrive at gates 25 and 26. There will be no backstage drop offs for officers or physically challenged delegates.

Delegates should not bring bags that are not absolutely necessary with them to the RA. If there are items they may need later in the day, but not during the Biden visit, they can check those items at the Mail Back. Boxes are $10.

Delegates should not bring any weapons, sharp items, or anything that can be construed as a weapon. These items will be confiscated. Laptops and water bottles are permitted.

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