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NEA Supports Educator Tax Relief

NEA supports expanding the educator tax deduction because it recognizes the sacrifices made by educators who work in America’s public schools. Many teachers and education support professionals reach into their own pockets to ensure that classrooms have adequate books, pencils, paper and art supplies. 

  • Educators are spending more of their own funds each year to supply their classrooms with essentials such as pencils, glue, scissors and facial tissues.

  • NEA's 2003 report, Status of the American Public School Teacher, 2000-2001, found that teachers spent an average of $443 a year on classroom supplies.

  • The National School Supply and Equipment Association found that in 2005-2006, educators spent out of their own pockets an average of $826 for supplies and an additional $926 for instructional materials -- for a total of $1,752.

  • NEA supports legislation to make the educator deduction permanent, increase it to $500, and expand it to cover professional development expenses.




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