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Urge Congress to Pass Permanent Classroom Expense Tax Deduction

In 2002, Congress passed legislation giving teachers and paraprofessionals a $250 federal tax deduction for out-of-pocket expenses for instructional materials and classroom supplies. The legislation represented an acknowledgment — for the first time — that teachers and paraprofessionals are spending their own money to equip their classrooms. The deduction has been extended several times and is currently set to expire at the end of the 2009 tax year.

The Senate has failed several times to get enough votes to move forward with a bill that would extend several tax provisions, including the educator tax deduction.

Representative Camp (R-MI) has introduced the Teacher Tax Relief Act (H.R. 549), which would make the deduction permanent, increase it to $400, and expand it to cover professional development expenses. Senators Collins (R-ME) and Warner (R-VA) have introduced the companion Senate bill (S. 505).

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