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  • 6 Ways to Start Making Your School Bully Free  You've taken the pledge now take these 6 viable steps toward a bully free school.
  •  Bullying: Are you The One? NEA Vice-President Lily Eskelsen asks: Are you the one? When students have one person who says to them, "I believe you. You don't deserve this. I'm going to try and stop this," it changes their world.
  • For Parents: If a Child Complains of Being Bullied Without overreaction, convey to the child that you are angry about the bullying sympathetic with the problem and will take appropriate action.


Bullying and Hate Violence - "Not In Our Town" Offers Tools to Counter Both

While hate violence makes headlines, the positive actions of people across the country are creating a different story. They are part of a movement called Not In Our Town.

Minnesota School District Drops "Neutrality" Policy on Sexual Orientation

After a rash of teen suicides and complaints that it didn't go far enough to prevent antigay bullying, Minnesota's largest school district will make major changes in its policies to prevent the harassment and bullying of students who are gay, or perceived to be gay.

Too Young Dead

The fatal consequences of bullying gay youth and the legal fallout.

Becoming an Upstander

A high school in Rhode Island addresses bullying through a unique student-faculty collaborative approach.

ESP of the Year Tackles Bullying on the Bus

According to Helen Cottongim, the school bus is one of the most prone places for bullying to occur because the leader of the area has his or her eyes mainly fixed on the road.

Challenging the Norms

Bullied as a child for choosing figure skating over hockey, this education professor and NEA Bully Free pledge taker reminds us that bullying sometimes initiates difficult conversations.

Bullied But Not Broken

When a teacher was suspended for disciplining a student in his class who made anti-gay remarks, 14-year-old Graeme Taylor decided to do something about it.

NEA's Bully Free Pledge Taker Vincent Pompei

This high school counselor makes his office and his school a safe place for all students.

Stepping Up to Stop Bullying

These educators show how one caring adult can make a difference in the life of a bullied child, from NEA Today magazine.

New Report Details Bullying's Deadly Toll on LGBT Students

New research has found that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students who are severely bullied in middle and high school carry serious health and mental health problems into young adulthood, including depression, suicide attempts, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and risk for HIV.

That's What I Am: Professional Wrestling, Bullying, and Teachers

Bullying is not just the "fashionable cause" of the moment.

Anti-Bullying Alliance Brings Out the Stars

The launch party for Be a STAR: a night of celebrity, truth, and a very special film screening.

Rights Watch - Confronting the Bullies

Confronting bullies in your school is a moral obligation, but did you know it's also a legal obligation? The price you could pay for bullying if you fail to act.

Bullying Prevention: It Can Start with ESPs

Debbie Pavon knows what to do when she spots one of her "frequent fliers." That's what this education support professional (ESP) calls students who land again and again in the principal's office for being disruptive. Sometimes, they're bullies.

Bullying: Does It Get Better?

Today's bullies have more ways than ever to devastate their victims. It's time to reconsider the role educators can play in stopping them.

Commentary on Bullying: Are We Bold Enough to Protect Our Children?

What can the schools and the larger community do to ensure student safety in and out of school?

Silencing Cyberbullies

Digital sticks and stones can't break bones – but they can hurt even more. What educators can do to curb bullying in cyberspace.

When Muslims Are Bullied

Your Muslim students often are the targets of discriminatory harassment and bullying. How can you help?

A New Film Focuses on Victims of Bullies

Schools across the country are screening "Shout it Out" to help teens with tough issues.

NEA's Diversity Toolkit

This online toolkit provides an introduction to NEA's main issues and educational strategies involving the multiple facets of diversity.

Take the Pledge:

Take the pledge to change school climate and let’s make our schools Bully Free!


School Bus Bullying - How it happens and how to stop bullying on the bus.