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The 2013 Almanac of Higher Education

Table of Contents


Overview (, 528KB, 2 pp)
by Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2011-2012 (, 900KB, 20pp)
by Suzanne B. Clery

Higher Education Enters a New Era (, 730KB, 9pp)
by William Zumeta

Community College Financing: Equity, Efficiency, and Accountability (, 939KB, 29pp)
by Alicia C. Dowd and Linda Taing Shieh

Bargaining Student Learning, Quality, and Assessment (, 605KB, 10pp)
by Kristine Anderson Dougherty, Gary Rhoades, and Mark F. Smith

Faculty Workload and Productivity In For-Profit Institutions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (, 626KB, 11pp)
by Henry Lee Allen

Academic Salaries and Contracts: Global Trends and American Realities (, 612KB, 11pp)
by Philip G. Altbach, Liz Reisberg, and Iván F. Pacheco

Benefits for the Public Good (, 955KB, 11pp)
by Valerie Martin Conley

ESP Employment Status: A Nineteen-Year Survey (, 833KB, 9pp)
by Vicki J. Rosser

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 633KB, 14pp)

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