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The 2014 Almanac

Table of Contents

Overview (, 528KB, 2 pp)
By Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2002–2013 (, 914KB, 12 pp)
By John B. Lee

The Economics of MOOCs (, 722KB, 12 pp)
By Gregory M. Saltzman

Faculty in Proprietary Institutions: Beginning of the End (, 824KB, 12 pp)
By Henry Lee Allen

State Funding of Higher Education: Back on Track or a New, Diminished Normal (, 977KB, 10 pp)
By William Zumeta

Bargaining for Part-time Contingent (, 784KB, 12 pp)
By Kristine Anderson Dougherty, Gary Rhoades, and Mark F. Smith

Retirement and Benefits: The Long Road to Recovery (, 1MB, 18 pp)
By Valerie Martin Conley

Promotions: Offseting ESP Income (, 750KB, 8 pp)
By Vicki J. Rosser

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units (, 528KB, 2 pp)