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Jack Kinnaman Scholarship

Who was Jack Kinnaman?

Jack Kinnaman was a devoted teacher for nearly three decades who served in many local, state and national leadership roles, including president of the Delaware State Education Association.

He retired from teaching in 1986, but he never retired from advocating for public education. He served as founding president of the Delaware State Education Association-Retired, and then as vice president of NEA-Retired.

But that’s only part of the story.

He was also a beloved friend, husband and father. What follows is a letter from his eldest son, Rich.

Be Like Jack and Act - by Rich Kinnaman

"March 2008 marked the sixth anniversary of my father's passing and not a day goes by that I do not think of my father and everything he accomplished in his life, specifically his impact on education.

Whenever family and friends gather, he is always a lively topic, with memories and stories shared of the pranks he pulled, the sometimes really bad jokes he told, or the stories of him helping a neighbor, friend, family member or even a complete stranger.

These stories run the gamut in intensity and degree of exaggeration but one thing was clear: Jack Kinnaman was a people-person who loved life and lived it to the fullest. Anyone who met him would come to know his unwavering dedication to education. He spent 28 years in the classroom and taught thousands of children.

Even after he retired from the classroom in 1986, his passion for education thrived. He taught night classes and stayed engaged with NEA, becoming VicePresident of NEA-Retired. He traveled around the country as a seven-foot Cat-inthe–Hat to promote Read across America, encouraging children to enjoy the experience of reading.

Shortly after his passing, my family and NEA-Retired established the NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund awards undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in Education with financial assistance to achieve their educational goals.

Last year, over $4,000 was awarded in scholarships, and it is the goal of both the Kinnaman family and NEA-Retired to exceed the previous year’s amount from now on. It's all about doing what my dad would have done: helping others who share a passion to be an Educator.

Those of you who knew my father surely remember the personal approach he applied to everything he did, specifically with the DSEA, the NEA, and the NEA-Retired. He was there with you, supporting, encouraging, raising awareness, and making a difference. We can continue his legacy-you, me, NEA-Retired, and active educators."

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