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Message Guidance on Common Core State Standards

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Common core state standards provide all students with the same high-quality, world-class education necessary to be successful in our fast-changing world. The promise of CCSS for all students is extraordinary, but we need a course correction to get implementation right.

  • We know there is strong support among NEA members for Common Core State Standards, but we’re hearing that far too many states are completely botching implementation of the standards.
  • Seven of ten teachers believe that implementation of the standards is going poorly in their schools.
  • One of the most frustrating things for our members, in terms of poor implementation, is that educators know what’s needed to get implementation right, but they’re not being asked and when they are, their input is often ignored.
  • It’s important to note that in states where a strong commitment has been made to involving teachers and providing them with the time, training, and resources they need to make the standards work—teacher support for the standards is strong.
  • Educators are passionate about their work—helping to prepare their students to succeed in life, so they’re very frustrated that they’re not being heard when it comes to proper implementation of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their students and students for generations to come.
  • Policymakers need to implement educators’ common sense recommendations to get implementation on track.
  • Elected officials, school administrators, and others play a role in accountability, and that means they must step up and accept more responsibility to get CCSS implementation right. Too much is at stake for our children to risk getting this wrong.
  • NEA continues to listen to educators across the country and develop tools and resources to help educators with implementation. Following are just a few of our Association-led programs providing Common Core support:
    • BetterLesson features talented and hardworking teachers, sharing Common Core-focused lessons just as they teach them in their classrooms every day. The lessons are user-friendly and classroom ready. The site currently features more than three thousand comprehensive lessons and plans to have more than 16,000 free Common Core aligned lessons by 2015, including narratives, videos, personal reflections and classroom resources.
    • Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. Currently, the Teaching Channel features more than 180 videos specifically on Common Core, with additional videos coming by the summer featuring NEA members.
    • NEA’s GPS Network is a free online professional network, open to all educators to collaborate, share lessons plans and resources, engage in webinars, and explore the latest education topics—all designed to help improve student success.

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