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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

Members of this group are interested in sharing resources, joining in on discussions, and learning more about the Common Core State Standards.


Welcome to the Common Core State Standards group.  Our goal is to provide a platform for educators and other stakeholders to access resources and share information that is related to implementation of the Common Core State Standards. 

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Creation Date: Jun-12-2013
Web Address: http://commoncore.groups.gpsnetwork.org
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Career & Technical Education
Educational Technology
Information & Media Literacy
Language Arts
Social Studies
World Languages
Preschool / Ages 0-4
Kindergarten-Grade 2 / Ages 5-7
Grades 3-5 / Ages 8-10
Grades 6-8 / Ages 11-13
Grades 9-10 / Ages 14-16
Grades 11-12 / Ages 16-18
College & Beyond
Professional Development
Special Education

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