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Parent School Partnerships

Parent School Partnerships

NEA’s core belief is that all students deserve great public schools and effective collaborations between educators, parents and community leaders, are critical to students' success. On this site, everyone engaged in or who believes in public education partnerships, is welcomed to share your stories of successful collaborations between educators, parents and community leaders. This site will also serve as a forum to share thoughts on new types of public education collaborations and to discuss and evaluate current collaborations from across the nation. The moderators of this site will endeavor to ensure that all views expressed here are valued and respected.


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Parent, school, community partnerships are essential to supporting students' academic sucess. Research confirms that engaged families and communities have a positive impact on student achievement. An increasing number of schools and communities are building relationships, and a growing body of best practices is emerging. We want to hear from you! Tell us what's working in your school or community and what you've learned from your experiences. And, as educators and concerned parents or caregivers, what policies should we be advocating for to better support family and community engagement? We look forward to the conversation!

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